Drift F1
    Drift F1
    Drift F1
    Drift F1

    Drift F1

    Drift F1 is a fun racing game that is similar to Drift 3 and Drift Boss. You have to control the car to get through all of the difficult levels.

    How to play

    To get to the finish line, you have to steer your car through tight turns and over bumps. Get coins and spend them to improve your car. You have to win to get to harder maps. Each vehicle and map has its own features.
    To drive the car, you have to click on the left or right buttons and then press the straight button.
    One way to win the game is to know when to turn the point. There will be some hard parts in Drift F1. But you can get better at something if you do it more. Each platform is different, and turning on it requires careful thought.

    Key features

    It's easy to use because it only has one button.
    There are lockable platforms and vehicles.
    Leaderboard: At each level, list the top 10 players.
    You can play games on touch-screen tablets and phones.

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