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    Drift Boss is the most exciting drifting game in which you need to drive your vehicle around various corners till you fall off the platform. This game is also a combination of puzzle and drifting game which can give you the best experience. Drift Boss is also an easy and straightforward game. All you need to do to control the car thanks to clicking to go right and trying to release the button to go left. Nevertheless, timing and planning are crucial for remaining on the platform. There will be tricky spots, such as bumps, that you must compensate for when turning corners. Some platforms are also narrower, necessitating precise judgment when turning.

    Drift Boss is a drift car game that can be played online. Avoid falling into space by driving your car through an endless road full of curves with perfect timing. How far can you go? Continue to drift and collect coins to unlock trucks, taxis, police cars, ice cream trucks, and other vehicles. Drift Boss will undoubtedly be a fantastic title that will keep you glued to the screen for hours, allowing you to show off your driving skills or put your reflexes to the test.

    Inspiration Of The Game

    Drift Boss is inspired by the immensely well-liked mobile game Zig Zag. Over the years, there have been numerous Zig Zag game clones and copycats. Drift Boss presents a fresh viewpoint on this genre-defining game title. The layout of the controls is one significant modification.

    The well-known hypercasual game Drifty Race was another significant inspiration for the creation of the game. Drift Race appears to have had a big influence on Drift Boss. Since it is an HTML5 game, many of the features from the original game have been removed, but better and more user-friendly gameplay-enhancing elements have been added, such as the game's controls.

    Art Style

    The art style of Drift Boss combines Zig Zag and Drifty Race. Drift Boss delivers the unending Zig Zag mechanism by having an orange background and broad platform tiles with shifting patterns. It utilizes the Drifty Race car type and adds its own kind of drift, making it fun and enticing to players.

    How To Play

    For an online game, Drift Boss has interesting and fun gameplay. It puts a badass spin on the drifting car style of Drifty Race in addition to the familiarity of the game concept from Zig Zag. While also being the smallest game in the comparison in terms of size.

    When attempting to make a turn, it is advised that the player stay in the middle of the road because it may become too late to make the turn, which could result in a fall. As you play and advance, Drift Boss gets harder because the tiles are smaller and a jump ramp or bottom pit spawns sporadically along the zigzag course. This raises the level of difficulty.

    The fact that the car's speed doesn't increase at any moment during Drift Boss is a major advantage. Which is typically a strategy used by game designers to make the game more challenging and engaging.


    • Use the mouse or the SPACE KEYS to play this game.
    • Left mouse or using these keys to drift to the right.

    Rules For Success

    • You need to anticipate all changes in the direction in order to react in time and try to not fall into space. 
    • You need to turn across all corners as much as possible.

    Key Features

    • It is not tough to play this game, you can play with one button.
    • There are various unlockable vehicles for you to play and they can be updated by handling.
    • You need to make an effort to receive all daily rewards.

    Powers Ups And Boosters

    The boosters that you can accumulate and deploy as needed in the game are a significant feature of Drift Boss. At this time, the game has 3 boosters: Coin Rush, Car Insurance and Double Score. All of the boosters are available at once when you initially load the game. In order for you to test them out and choose the finest one for you. The boosters and what they do are listed below:

    1. Coin Rush: When you choose this booster, you get to collect all the coins that spawn on the track. If Coin Rush is off, just a small quantity of coins will spawn on the track. The most expensive booster in the game is the Coin Rush booster, which costs 75 coins to purchase.
    2. Car Insurance: In a game session, you get two attempts. Choosing this booster will cause you to respawn if you fall off the track. It cost 50 coins to purchase car insurance.
    3. Double Score: This booster multiplies the score from your game session by two. Which is helpful if your goal is to achieve the game's top score. For 25 coins, you can get this booster, which is the least expensive one available.


    The more you play Drift Boss, the easier it is to stay on the platform and avoid falling off. The game rewards you for your progress in a variety of ways.

    • Daily rewards – return every day for a new daily reward.
    • Spin to win – These are random prizes that can appear at any time during the game.

    These rewards are either boosters or coins that can be used to buy anything from boosters to better-handling cars. Boosters are bonuses that are given to you at the start of each game to help you perform better. These include double score, car insurance, and coin rush, which are only available for a single run.

    Tips And Tricks: Get The Highest Amount Of Money And Score

    Power Ups/ Boosters

    The most user-friendly method for beginners to achieve success in Drift Boss is through power-ups and boosters. One power-up for each booster when you initially boot the game up. You should retain the power-ups rather than using them all up in your first few attempts.

    We'd suggest checking out the double insurance booster if you're just getting started. If you fall off course, it will assist you in getting back on, but just once. Depending on your objective, this booster works excellently when combined with other boosters in the game.

    Here is what you should do if you want to earn the most coins possible in Drift Boss: You can add the Coin Rush booster to your session if you've advanced past the 300–400 score threshold in the game. With the use of this booster, you can have many coins spawn on tiles that are normally limited without the booster. You can get a lot of coins with this method. When used in conjunction with Double Insurance, it will give you a second chance to earn plenty of coins in the game if you fall off the track.

    Use the double score enhancer if you want to achieve the maximum score possible. It will increase the game's score multiplication speed. If you can surpass the 500-point threshold, this is a fantastic booster. When combined with double insurance, it makes an awesome combo because it will give you another chance to continue multiplying your scores by two when you fall off the track and will help you get the highest score possible.

    Toon Cars

    The majority of new players comment that Drift Boss is extremely challenging and occasionally hard to turn. This is due to the game's use of friction on the track tiles, which has a significant impact on the game's first few cars. Aside from the appearance of every vehicle in the collection, as the cost of each automobile in the game goes up, this friction decreases.

    You can choose from 8 cars to unlock at various costs by using the white arrow keys located next to each vehicle. With an increase in price, the cars' handling improves.

    • Green Car: Free
    • Yellow Car: 250 coins
    • Police Car: 300 coins
    • Blue Van: 350 coins
    • Ice Cream Truck: 400 coins
    • Ambulance: 450 coins
    • Firetruck: 500 coins

    With the Firetruck car type, many players have experienced excellent success. In contrast to the standard Green Car, it has excellent control and minimal track drift. It does, however, cost 500 coins, which is difficult to obtain. Prior to the firetruck, you could purchase vehicles like the Ice Cream truck and the Ambulance. These automobiles also effectively reduce friction.

    Awesome Trick: Pit Jumper

    Here is an incredibly cool trick that you can use to demonstrate your skills in the game to your friends. Additionally, it's a wonderful strategy to keep from running off the track:

    If a pit is present, you are allowed to jump off the track. To continue racing, much as in the game, rotate the car till it leaves the pit and maintain it pointed in the proper direction of the track. Although it takes some practice to learn and master, the trick is worthwhile.

    Benefits Of Playing Drifting Games

    Thanks to playing Drift Boss, your brain functions can be improved significantly. Some social surveys have shown that this type of game can improve neural plasticity and also improve multitasking and distraction control ability. For a long time, thanks to playing this game, players can improve other cognitive areas. On the other hand, drifting games can also help you improve your vision. This game can help you if you are nearsighted, have myopia, or are farsighted with the ability to read clearly from a longer distance.

    Playing games on drift-boss.io may help you enhance patients with autism. Drifting games, which use systems that use the entire body to control on screen movement, have been shown to be more engaged in celebrating victories with peers, allowing those with autism to communicate and collaborate with one another. Therefore, someone who has some problems related to autism can improve their social interaction. Finally, all games on our website can build social connections. It is not hard to make friends with people from four corners of this world. So you can widen your social circle of friends easily.

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