Touge Drift & Racing
    Touge Drift & Racing
    Touge Drift & Racing
    Touge Drift & Racing

    Touge Drift & Racing

    In Touge Drift & Racing, you have to navigate a course in the shortest amount of time while earning the most drift points. It also has realistic 3D visuals and driving dynamics.

    Instructions for Touge Drift & Racing

    Do you like to play drifting-based games? Playing Touge Drift & Racing with pals is the ideal game. By dodging obstacles, racing against time, and taking on online opponents, you can win the game. On the road, the automobile weighs a lot. Controlling the vehicle at high speeds may be challenging due to real driving physics. The maximum speed and maximum drift angle of each automobile define its "drifting" and "racing stages". The angle increases with increasing speed.


    • Choose from over 20 supercars to cruise around in.
    • You may personalize your vehicle to fit your own style.
    • You'll feel like you're racing thanks to realistic physics and visuals.
    • Enjoy a variety of gaming modes.
    • Drive in Free Ride Mode and relish your independence.
    • Gain more money by finishing more assignments.
    • Upgrade your vehicle to access new models.

    You may drive across a simulated metropolis in the driving simulation game Touge Drift & Racing. For more entertaining simulation games, try out Real Drift Multiplayer 2 or Highway Cars Traffic Racer.

    How To Play

    • W – Throttle;
    • S – Brakes;
    • A – Left;
    • D – Right;
    • Space – HandBrake;
    • Shift – Gear Up;
    • Control – Gear Down