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    Drifty Race
    Drifty Race
    Drifty Race

    Drifty Race

    Your ability to drift and use it to your advantage will be put to the test in Drifty Race, a racing game.

    Instructions for the Drifty Race

    Although it is crucial to win a race and doing stunts is a part of it, the primary objective of racing a vehicle is to have fun. All that is required of you is to win a thrilling race against your rivals and be the first to reach the finish line. You have access to a wide selection of cars, each of which has its own set of statistics. Even your car has the potential to be personalized with the addition of various accessories. The visual auto tuning in Drifty Race gives you the ability to personalize the way your vehicle appears to other players. You have the ability to express yourself via the customization of your cars, which is especially beneficial while competing against other players in a race, such as when taking part in the Top 32 competition.

    Main Features

    • The online room in addition to the many game types
    • Both club racing and the Top-32 are fantastic opportunities to compete with other people.
    • In addition to that, actual drifting contests make use of the Drifty Race
    • Obtain a car, then modify it to your liking.
    • Experience the thrill of real-life drifting mechanics.

    Check out the popular racing game Drifty Race, which now has a precursor called Extreme Toy RaceHugie Wugie Runner is another game that relies on drifting as its primary gameplay mechanic. Drift Boss includes not just these games but also a great deal more.

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