Race Burnout Drift
    Race Burnout Drift
    Race Burnout Drift
    Race Burnout Drift

    Race Burnout Drift

    In the fantastic drifting game Race Burnout Drift, you must manage your vehicle while attempting to level it up!


    You may personalize your car in the online drifting game Burnout Drift. Every track will cause your vehicle to slide. You can drift and score if you burn rubber. With your high-beam headlights on, you can see well at night, giving you an advantage over the competitors.


    By eliminating your rivals, you will go to the top! In order to go on to the garage, press the play button. You may examine the many auto choices, customize or purchase automobiles, and see brief advertisements for additional income. The accomplishments are shown in the page's upper right corner.


    The simplest method to get money and drift is using ridge.
    If you maintain the same drift for longer periods of time, you'll score points more quickly.
    If you crash, you'll lose every drift point you've earned.
    Every automobile has distinctive traits of its own, with some being superior than others.

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    How To Play

    • W or up arrow to gas
    • S or down arrow to brake
    • AD or left/right arrow to steer
    • Left shift/left ctrl to gear up/down
    • Space bar to handbrake
    • F to use NOS
    • G to enter slowmotion
    • I to start/stop engine
    • L to use low beam headlights
    • K to use high beam headlights
    • C to change camera
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