Apocalypse Moto
    Apocalypse Moto
    Apocalypse Moto
    Apocalypse Moto

    Apocalypse Moto

    In the brand-new arcade racing game Apocalypse Moto, you must ride your motorcycle across all 30 levels in a fantastic environment filled with undead.


    Play the driving game Apocalypse Moto with your pals. In a zombie-infested region, you are in charge of a motorcycle. You can crash them if you don't want them to consume flesh.


    Press A and D to turn left and right. W is for jumping. Alternately, you may do the same actions with the Arrow keys. You must stop someone from biting or bashing the protagonist's skull. You can slam into adversaries or smash them with the wheels to kill them. Perform flips and leap off ramps to get additional point multipliers. Collect all of the coins on the stage to receive a 3-star rating. An significant factor is money. Spend money in the garage to upgrade your motorcycles' skills and unlock new ones.


    Simple, enjoyable, and violent arcade gameplay
    The novel fusion of warfare and driving
    It is a challenging but doable task.
    30 levels with handmade, original layouts
    5 versions with various features that may be customized
    2D images that are light and have realistic sound effects

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