Astro Race
    Astro Race
    Astro Race
    Astro Race

    Astro Race

    A entertaining and demanding game, Astro Race is an online multiplayer racing game that takes place in space. Your primary objective is to pilot a hypersonic rocket and vie with the other players for the top spot on the leaderboard.

    Instructions for the Astro Race

    Your standing in the league improves as a result of your victories. You have to navigate your spacecraft around the outside corners of the track in order to fill up your booster bar. There are five circuits for each track. You need to practise your drifting skills around the track's edges in order to increase your bar.

    Hints & Suggestions

    • Make effective use of your arsenal to deal with adversaries and obstructions.
    • You may hone your skills and get new abilities by progressing through all of the levels.


    Some features of may be found in the following:

    • To determine who has the most driving prowess, pit your skills against those of other gamers or your friends in a head-to-head competition.
    • Enhance the overall performance of your automobile.
    • You could convey the impression that your vehicle is hazardous if you make modifications to its outside.
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