ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer
    ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer
    ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer
    ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer

    ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer

    You'll get an authentic feeling of riding and shooting when you play ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer

    Instructions for ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer

    We are pleased to present the ATV Quad Bike Racing Simulator, which has genuine bike and quad bike shooting games as additional game modes. In addition, it has several one-of-a-kind characters and a vehicle called the Skeleton Bike, which gives players the ability to ride through a variety of environments and obstacles, such as deserts, seas, tanks, and more. The ATV may be unlocked after completing each stage with a certain number of stars collected.

    The Primary Features

    • Characters and environments that are unique to the game, such as tanks, seas, and deserts, for example.
    • You will first be placed at a Checkpoint.
    • You will be able to speed and leap higher if you use nitro boost.
    • Do your best to go around the obstacles, complete the loops, and win before the timer runs out.
    • Collecting stars will allow you to unlock new motorcycles and cars as you go.

    Are you seeking for a game that will give you a rush of excitement and put you in control of a bike race? The ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer is an enjoyable game that may be played for a long time. Playing the ATV Quad Bike Traffic Racer on Drift Boss will get your blood pumping and have your heart racing. If you're looking for additional racing games to play, you should check out Bike Vs. Train and Off Road Auto Trial.

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