ATV Rush
    ATV Rush
    ATV Rush
    ATV Rush

    ATV Rush

    ATV Rush is a racing game in which you have to steer the vehicle while attempting to rack up as many points as possible.

    Instructions for ATV Rush

    ATV Rush is a racing video game in which players compete on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to collect cash while avoiding various hazards. As time goes on, the vehicle's speed will continue to increase, making it more difficult to control. You start the game with three lives. You have 3 lives. Bring your four-wheel drive vehicle down here for some exciting all-terrain racing, and we'll see you there!

    ATV Rush Features

    • In a multiplayer racing game that features a variety of gameplay styles, you will compete against other players.
    • A fantastic range of spectacular, quick, and user-friendly automobiles to choose from.
    • Incredible visuals and a very accurate recreation of the driving experience
    • Available are upgrades as well as fully personalised Dream Cars.
    • Compete against other players.
    • Participate in daily challenges in addition to the main campaign.
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