Battle Heroes 3
    Battle Heroes 3
    Battle Heroes 3
    Battle Heroes 3

    Battle Heroes 3

    Battle Heroes 3 is a great game where you need to utilize combat and explore magical items


    The hero is a mercenary who is dispatched to the kingdom's border. Explore the fantasy world, construct a hero and soldiers, towers, aura, magic, and weapons, and use battle and magic talents. Investigate and make magical stuff. Grow a Cerberus or a dragon.


    With the help of three groups, defend the kingdom and repel waves of enemies (Order, Undead, Chaos). The growth of heroes and warriors is unrestricted. Crafting of items, traits, and skills Look into the dungeon. Recruit a dragon, Cerberus, or Luther as a companion. Attend weapon mastery lessons and develop your magic and aura. Defend the city, assassinate the caravans, and liberate the occupied cities. RPG inspired by classic fantasy. Compete against other players in the arena, or take control of the kingdom and collect tribute. Raise your faction's rating and engage in dialogue with other players. Capture resource mines and defense towers and improve them. Multiplayer modes include PVP, PVE, and MOBA (Android, IOS, PC).   The built hero is transferable and works with all versions.
    Enjoy the music and sound effects, as well as the astonishing achievements and three-dimensional images.
    This game offers a variety of attractive themes and characters to choose from.
    This game can assist you in unwinding.

    How To Play

    Control with a mouse or a joystick on-screen.

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