Block Dancing 3D
    Block Dancing 3D
    Block Dancing 3D
    Block Dancing 3D

    Block Dancing 3D

    A fantastically entertaining and well-made racing game is Block Dancing 3D. Your primary objective is to stay in time with the music and make your turns at the appropriate moments.

    Instructions for Block Dancing 3D

    The gameplay of Block Dancing 3D involves musical notes being placed on a platform. To be successful, all you need to do is stay on the road by taking the appropriate turns at the right times. There is a mode that allows you to go up in height as well as one that allows you to go down in height, so you won't have to worry if your road runs out. Will you be able to unlock new music that will progressively increase in difficulty?

    Main Features

    • Pick from a selection of supercars that are among of the quickest currently on the market.
    • Make a decision regarding your approach before the race.
    • The sport of supercar racing necessitates that its participants take part in a number of different competitions.
    • Utilize the Training Race Mode to hone your driving skills.
    • A control panel that provides you with an immersive experience while you are driving.

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