Blocky Highway Racing
    Blocky Highway Racing
    Blocky Highway Racing
    Blocky Highway Racing

    Blocky Highway Racing

    You may compete in a race on a street that has autos, barricades, and other obstacles if you play Blocky Highway Racing. Your objective is to have as much fun as you can while achieving the highest possible score.

    Instructions for Blocky Highway Racing

    Are you a fan of racing video games? Increase the top speed of your vehicle while also improving its appearance and handling. Coins will be awarded to you at the conclusion of each race if you have completed the race before it. This is an extremely thrilling video game about racing. Your imagination will be completely blown away by the stunning 3D images as well as the lifelike audio.

    Main Features

    • Incredible animations and innovative physics for the turbo boost.
    • Get access to a number of different venues and racetracks.
    • radio featuring two-way communication, synthesisers, electronic rhythms, and bangers
    • Upgrade to get access to more vehicles and maps.
    • achieving success in side tasks and risking one's life in dangerous activities

    Every single one of Blocky Highway Racing offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Check out our variety of driving games that are available on Drift Boss. Now is the time to try out Hugie Wugie Runner as well as Human Vehicle.

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