Car Crash
    Car Crash
    Car Crash
    Car Crash

    Car Crash

    Car Crash is a racing game that can be played for free on its own website. In order to get coins, you will need to drive your vehicle around and then destroy other cars.

    Instructions for Car Crash

    Is it your goal to bring about disorder and destruction wherever you go? If you agree, you should watch Car Crash at this now. If you want to win, all you have to do is put your car through its paces by crashing it into obstacles of any kind. When playing some games, you could be required to engage in races, in which the act of colliding with other players and crashing into them might provide you an advantage. When environments are constructed, the focus is placed on features that are capable of being damaged, such as barriers, buildings, and things that can be broken.

    Main Features

    • Experience a gaming experience that is both immersive and exhilarating.
    • Give your driving skills a test in a variety of different situations.
    • At fast speeds, jumps, crashes, and stunts are performed.
    • Put your players through their paces at every level.

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    How To Play

    • You may use the "W.A.S.D." or "ARROW" keys.
    • "SPACE" is the handbrake.
    • Nitro: the letter "F"
    • "G" is the deceleration.
    • Camera: the letter "C"
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