Car Eats Car Evil Cars
    Car Eats Car Evil Cars
    Car Eats Car Evil Cars
    Car Eats Car Evil Cars

    Car Eats Car Evil Cars

    This unique take on the racing genre is called Car Eats Car Evil Cars. Your primary mission is to compete in a race for the wicked cars while avoiding the civil and police vehicles.

    Instructions for Car Eats Car Evil Cars

    The video game Car Eats Car Evil Cars demonstrates that even the most evil cars may have a kind interior. It is imperative that you set free the hardworking automobiles that have been incarcerated due to the fact that they are too corroded and out of date. Remember to prove to them that they have misjudged the power of these three vehicles in order to reach the island, and don't forget to demonstrate them how incorrect they are. You should tailor the upgrades you make to your stats to how you drive and what works best for you. Try to amass as many gems as possible so that you can enhance the armor, turbo, and speed of your vehicle.

    Main Features

    • There are four distinct game modes available to play.
    • You have access to a diverse selection of off-road vehicle models to select from.
    • You can either use the map that was made by others or you can generate your own.
    • Controls that are straightforward and simple to operate
    • Have fun on the house!

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    How To Play

    • W or up arrow to accelerate
    • S or down arrow to move backward
    • Shift or X to use nitro
    • Space bar to drop bombs
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