City Stunts
    City Stunts
    City Stunts
    City Stunts

    City Stunts

    City Stunts is a fun racing game in which you choose a vehicle and attempt to pull off impressive tricks using the many loops and ramps in the environment.

    Instructions for City Stunts

    You will be able to pull off a city trick using a number of different autos, some of which go quickly while others move more slowly. The goal of this game is to show off your driving skills by doing tricks and navigating the city in any way you see fit. To get started on your adventure, go to the main menu and choose the Play button. You should get a feel for the area in which you will be doing stunts by driving about in the vehicle beforehand. Use the WASD keys to control the vehicle. Make use of the platform to advance more quickly.

    Main Features

    • Boosting items that may increase your running speed
    • A race against the clock is a difficult race to compete in.
    • Incredible flips, and flawless drifts
    • Multiple gameplay styles and difficult levels
    • Climbing a mountain is an experience that is both genuine and authentic.
    • Play the game with a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

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