Dirt Bike Mad Skills
    Dirt Bike Mad Skills
    Dirt Bike Mad Skills
    Dirt Bike Mad Skills

    Dirt Bike Mad Skills

    You are required to ride your dirt bike across a variety of dangers, including canyons, valleys, and other regions.

    Dirt Bike Mad Skills instructions

    The game Dirt Bike Mad Skills was developed by RHM Interactive. Choosing your bike and sliding down spectacular settings, ramps, and obstacles is all that is required of you in order to emerge victorious from the game. You will need to bike through the park and the city while avoiding hazards in order to gain a position on the scoreboard. With its non-stop gameplay and tremendous intensity, Dirt Bike Mad Skills will fulfill your need for action and fulfill your need for excitement.

    Main Features

    • In order to get a better score with the rocket or the helicopter, you may compete against your friends in weekly leaderboards.
    • Put on a show of your abilities by doing various feats and stunts.
    • It is meant to be quicker, smoother, and more responsive for gamers who have the highest expectations for their gaming experience.
    • Together with your pals, you will compete, race, and try to get the greatest possible outcome.

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    How To Play

    1 Player Mode

    • WASD / arrow keys = move

    2 Player Mode

    • Player 1 = use WASD to move
    • Player 2 = use arrow keys to move
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