Drift Car to Right
    Drift Car to Right
    Drift Car to Right
    Drift Car to Right

    Drift Car to Right

    Drift Car To Right is a great racing game where you have to steer your car to the right and try not to crash or go off the track.


    Drift Car to Right is a simple video game based on MiniDrifts. In the game, a car goes around a track. To make the car turn left, the player must press the accelerator after starting the car. The track will form as the car moves forward. Then, either a straight line or a curve will be made by chance. When the car hits the edge of the track, the game is over.


    You have amazing controls that let you do a lot of tricks and drift.
    Find out about many hidden things
    Controls that are easy to use and work
    The game works perfectly and doesn't lag at all. Amazing HD graphics of a concept car for the future
    A real racing car that has been changed so it can fly
    Large, open-world city with a lot to do
    Dynamic camera angles.

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    How To Play

    You can play this game by using your mouse.

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