Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer
    Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer
    Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer
    Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

    Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

    A thrilling racing experience awaits players of the Fidget Scifi Racer game. Your primary task is to operate your vehicle once it has crossed the starting line and is in position. However, you must take care to avoid colliding with the building.

    Instructions for Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer

    The Fidget Spinner Scifi X Racer video racing game calls for a high level of focus from the player. You are responsible for controlling this spinner and propelling it as far as you possibly can. The spinner will go ahead at a predetermined speed. It is up to you to shift it to the left or right in order to avoid colliding with any of the objects in the way. Make sure that your spinner is not blocking any of the moving bricks. Collecting rings grants you access to various power-ups and more points. The store in Fidget Scifi Racer features a wide selection of unique spinners, all of which are designed to capture the attention of the game's participants.

    Main Features

    • There is a wide variety of transport options available to select from.
    • Make multiple stops at various stations to allow people to board or exit the vehicle.
    • Driving a real train across a virtual environment.

    You will be able to operate trains in a highly realistic simulation when you playFidget Spinner Scifi X Racer. A fun time can be had by those who participate. Check try Gliding Car Race or Two Punk Racing if you're looking for additional games that are like this one.

    How To Play

    Use the A, and D or arrow keys to control.

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