Fishing and Lines
    Fishing and Lines
    Fishing and Lines
    Fishing and Lines

    Fishing and Lines

    Fishing and Lines is a wonderful game in which you need to catch all 140 species and take part in 5 tournaments in order to win cups


    Fishing and Lines is a fun game to play. We decided to build a fishing game out of balls and lines. We came up with the following. You're having a good time fishing and throwing balls. Playing a puzzle logical game can teach you about a variety of river and marine fish species. You can catch 140 various types of fish depending on the color combinations of the balls, the length of the line, and the number of lines. Depending on the fish species, you can earn varying amounts of points (coins). You can keep an eye on your catch in the fish cage. Three more colored balls appear on the field if you move but the line does not develop. You can see which balls will show up in the game.
    The game will continue until either the field is entirely filled with balls or the level's goal is met. Beginners and casual players will enjoy amateur fishing. The objective of this mode is to accumulate as many points as possible while catching as many fish as possible. Fishing Levels is a 150-level game mode that includes a variety of objectives. The purpose of this mode is to accomplish all of the tasks and earn as many stars as possible. Fishing Pro is an intriguing variation on the classic Color Lines game. Lines must be a minimum of 5 balls long and of the same color. Tournaments are a gaming feature that allows you to compete for bronze, silver, or gold in five different tournaments.


    The four-game modes are Amateur fishing, Fishing Levels, Fishing Pro, and Tournaments. Fishing Levels is a 150-level game mode with a wide range of goals.
    - Fishing Rod - removes any picked balls.
    - Blue lure - removes all balls from the selected column.
    - Yellow lure - removes all balls from your chosen line.
    - Multi-colored Balls - changes the color of the selected ball to the desired one.
    - Fishing Net - Clears a section of the packed field.
    - Superior hook - prevents the fish from eating the ball (bait).


    The goal of the game is to capture as many fish as possible by moving the balls from one cell to the next and forming horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of three or more identical balls.

    How To Play

    Click, hold, move, and release the mouse to control the web and catch the fish. Try to use as few clicks as possible to earn all of the stars and accomplishments.

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