GTR Drift Fever
    GTR Drift Fever
    GTR Drift Fever
    GTR Drift Fever

    GTR Drift Fever

    In the fantastic racing game GTR Drift Fever, you must execute the finest drift drive in an effort to complete the level with the highest score.


    In the 3D game GTR Drift Fever, you may freely move around the maps as the cops pursue you. The best score is achieved by drifting, then leaving the current map and entering the next. Joining the map will also result in less petrol being purchased.


    You must start driving your drift vehicle sideways in GTR Drift Fever.

    The police are keen to thwart your attempt to set a record and have other ideas. This heightens the suspense of the game.

    The police will try to ruin your enjoyment, but you can outwit them with your wild drifting abilities!

    To have the most authentic experience, you may also get in your automobile and choose from a number of camera angles (you can do this by using the "C" key).

    How To Play

    • W/Up arrow - Accelerate
    • S/Down arrow - Brake
    • A/Left arrow - Turn left
    • D/Right arrow - Turn right
    • Space - eBrake
    • C - Change camera
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