Healing Driver
    Healing Driver
    Healing Driver
    Healing Driver

    Healing Driver

    In Healing Driver, a simulation game that is both stunning and realistic, the primary objective is to save as many people as you can while also operating an ambulance.

    Healing Driver instructions

    When playing Healing Driver, it will be necessary for you to make use of your skills in order to save your patient. You can win the game if you speed up the ambulance and steer clear of any obstructions in your path. The money that is made will either be utilized to make improvements to your hospital or to hire more people to help it function more smoothly. As the administrator of a healthcare facility, you should get ready for an exciting new journey. Your choices will immediately have an impact on the lives of the patients!

    Main Features

    • A video game with a large open environment and a high level of immersion
    • Discover a massive map.
    • There are a lot of different automobiles to collect.
    • The arsenal is quite substantial.
    • Put your skills to the test with several difficult tasks and assignments.

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