Helicopter Assassin
    Helicopter Assassin
    Helicopter Assassin
    Helicopter Assassin

    Helicopter Assassin

    Helicopter Assassin is a fast-paced action video game in which players must complete missions while piloting helicopters in order to destroy enemies and complete objectives.

    Instructions for Helicopter Assassin

    In the video game Helicopter Assassin, you will play the part of a courageous secret agent who is tasked with completing a mission in order to protect the city from an evil invasion. Remember to complete a large number of tasks and use the money you earn towards the purchase of weapons to defend yourself and your family against the threat of death.

    While piloting your helicopter across the city and shooting at various targets, you will control the action using the mouse. In order to complete the level, it is necessary for you to eliminate all of them. Be cautious however, since if they spot you fire they can start shooting back at you. Aiming and shooting are done using the mouse, while reloading is done with the R key. This video game is under the action genre and has gameplay elements such as shooting helicopters, weaponry, snipers, and mechanics.


    • Enjoy yourself when you engage in this exciting activity like in Helicopter Rescue Flying Simulator 3D.
    • Experience basic manipulation of visuals in 3D.
    • In a flying vehicle, you are free to move at any pace you want.
    • Incredible scenery in the surrounding region.
    • Your abilities in drifting, stunting, and acceleration may now be used to their maximum potential.
    • There is no need for you to be concerned about difficult matters.

    How To Play

    • Mouse for aim.
    • Left click for shoot.
    • R for reload.
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