Hexa Cars
    Hexa Cars
    Hexa Cars
    Hexa Cars

    Hexa Cars

    In the wonderful two-player car game Hexa Cars, you control your car while attempting to stay off the collapsing platform.

    Hexa Cars instructions

    You must hold onto the last map without slipping. Each hexa platform vanishes after a predetermined period of time. You must be cautious and swift if you want to finish Hexa Cars. Leap and depart in your vehicle when the time is appropriate! One or two players may participate in the game. It's a multiplayer game, so other players will join you. The goal of this game is to avoid falling from the last spot on various maps. The arrow keys are used for driving, and the WASD keys are used for controlling the other player.

    Jumping is done by pressing Q and the spacebar. Each hexa pad vanishes after a set amount of time, so move quickly and be careful that your car doesn't fall into the water. You must drive your car carefully and jump when necessary to continue in this game. Throughout the game, you can unlock new vehicles by collecting coins.

    How To Play

    Controls for one person only

    Jump with the spacebar or the arrow keys.

    Two players in a game

    Player 1 is the driver. WASD
    Player 1 jumps, and Player 2 drives using the arrow keys
    Player 2's jump: space

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