Hillside Drive Master
    Hillside Drive Master
    Hillside Drive Master
    Hillside Drive Master

    Hillside Drive Master

    A unique take on the racing genre, Hillside Drive Master is a 3D video game. Your primary purpose is to gather coins in order to uncover hidden gifts and have fun doing it.

    Instructions for Hillside Drive Master

    The goal of the video game Hillside Drive Master is to guide three stickmen, which are anthropomorphic figures, through a number of different levels that will eventually bring them to the summit of the mountain. You'll need to be able to navigate your way across winding roads, steep slopes, and a variety of other unforeseen challenges. Coins that you find along your travels will provide you get access to a variety of fascinating presents. You are able to access a variety of viewpoints thanks to its photorealistic camera view. You can experience an amazing riding trip from either the first person or the third person point of view by switching between the two.

    Fantastic Features

    • Unlock and operate 25 different buses.
    • Travel to a variety of cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, and Rome.
    • Participate in three distinct game modes.
    • Feel the adrenaline rush of driving in a setting that is true to life.
    • Easy-to-grasp and -to-use controls that can be followed

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