Meya City Stunt
    Meya City Stunt
    Meya City Stunt
    Meya City Stunt

    Meya City Stunt

    Meya City Stunt is a fantastic racing game where you must complete all 15 stages while attempting to accumulate as much cash as you can in order to purchase new and faster automobiles.


    To win Meya City Stunt, a 3D game, you must pass each of its ten stages. If you don't succeed later, you may play the free mode, which will let you perform every stunt on a single level. You can select a different automobile once you have finished all the tricks.


    By completing objectives at 15 levels, you may make money. The map's hidden areas can also be utilized to locate meyacoins. You have two options: do the assignment or use the city's ramps freely. The MeyaCoins you earn may be used to buy new, faster automobiles.

    How To Play

    Use the arrow keys, W, A, or D to move the car.
    Press the L key to turn on the light.
    Press the Space button to apply the handbrake quickly.
    Press the C button to switch cameras.
    F is the key to utilize nitro.

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