Mini Rally Racing
    Mini Rally Racing
    Mini Rally Racing
    Mini Rally Racing

    Mini Rally Racing

    You are able to take part in individual races as well as tournaments while playing Mini Rally Racing.

    Instructions for the Mini Rally Racing

    There is a mode for one player as well as a mode for two players in Mini Rally Racing. You and a buddy may compete against one another in order to determine who is the best race car driver. Participate in fascinating and one-of-a-kind races against other drivers for the chance to win the championship. It's possible that you'll have an accident and be kicked out of the race. By appropriately utilizing the stop and accelerate buttons during landing, you will be able to avoid crashing and tilting your vehicle, both of which are potential game-ending outcomes. You will quickly realize that it is far simpler to say than it is to really accomplish once you begin playing.

    Key Features

    • In order to demonstrate that you are the greatest, you may compete in races against both your friends and random gamers.
    • You may choose from more than 20 different cars, and then race them.
    • Enhance the overall performance of your automobile.
    • Make your vehicle seem more menacing by making modifications to its exterior.

    Mini Rally Racing is a fun racing game. If you are interested in trying out some more racing games, you may give Finger Driver or Fast Furious Skyline a go. You will have a great time playing both of these exciting and enjoyable games, which are exclusively available on Drift Boss.

    How To Play

    PLAYER 1:

    • Move: "W,A,S,D"
    • Nitro: "N"

    PLAYER 2:

    • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
    • Nitro: "L"
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