MX OffRoad Master
    MX OffRoad Master
    MX OffRoad Master
    MX OffRoad Master

    MX OffRoad Master

    You will enjoy a superb riding experience in MX OffRoad Master, a fantastic 2 player racing game, which features 2 modes.


    Are you prepared for an off-road journey? With a new version, MX Off-Road is returning. The game has improved physics, new bikes, helmets, and a third-person viewpoint that add to its excitement. In the game, biking will be a genuine experience for you. Mountain Downhill and Free Roam are the game's two game types. You can earn gold and diamonds by spinning in the air or by completing mountain tracks. Playing options include one or two players. Join your friends for a mountain race.
    The mountain ride masters are set to start the OffRoad Mastergame after preparing their OffRoad bikes. There are two game modes—1 player and 2 player—and four mountain bikes to pick from.

    How To Play

    Player 1:
    Move: "W,A,S,D"
    Front brake: "SPACE"
    Rear brake: "S"
    Camera switch: "C"
    Restart position: "R"

    Player 2:
    Move: "ARROW KEYS"
    Front: "R-SHIFT"
    Rear brake: "DOWN ARROW KEY"
    Camera switch: "O"
    Restart position: "P"
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