Offroad Truck Driver
    Offroad Truck Driver
    Offroad Truck Driver
    Offroad Truck Driver

    Offroad Truck Driver

    The game Offroad Truck Driver gives you the opportunity to compete against strong trucks on challenging off-road courses.

    Offroad Truck Driver instructions

    To what extent would you want to display your driving abilities? Those who have a passion for driving will find that Offroad Truck Driver is an excellent game to play. To emerge victorious, all you need to do is guide a massive truck along the most challenging course while preserving your equilibrium and without losing any boxes. For example, you will be able to access additional maps that include a variety of geographic elements, such as the Moon, Countryside, and Desert Valley.


    • A thrilling and thrill-seeking racing game
    • Experience more than ten distinct types of cars.
    • Have fun competing in uphill races on a variety of topographic maps.
    • Improve the suspension, engine, tires, and other components of your car.
    • You have the ability to outfit your vehicle with potent devices like as rockets, nitro, and auxiliary oil (nitro).

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