Parkour Block 5
    Parkour Block 5
    Parkour Block 5
    Parkour Block 5

    Parkour Block 5

    The newest edition of Parkour Block is version 5 - Parkour Block 5. You have to do some serious block leaping to get to the portal.

    Parkour Block 5 instructions

    The challenges presented in Parkour Block 5 make it a challenging game. Skillful jumping is essential. Hop from one block to another. At the conclusion of each level, you will be rewarded with stars. Each level may get a maximum of three stars. More stars mean a quicker time through each level. How many stars do you think you can reach? You have yet to reply. If you want to relax and have fun while playing Parkour Block 5, you may switch to friendly mode. In this mode, you may construct cubes without worrying about your standing or your status. Whatever game style you play, you'll need money to access other tournaments.

    Key Features

    • Engaging and demanding sporting activity
    • Game modes in table tennis may be varied.
    • There are ten different countries from which to choose.
    • When more tournaments are unlocked, you may participate in more of them.
    • Stunning, photorealistic 3D visuals.

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