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    Racing Go
    Racing Go
    Racing Go

    Racing Go

    Racing Go is a fun racing game in which you have to navigate a straight route while avoiding oncoming traffic consisting of vehicles and trucks.

    Instructions for Racing Go

    The game features 40 different sports cars, all of which are meticulously drawn in 3D, and it includes all of the most recognised models available. There are additional online competitions available through the Racing Online Mod for Racing Go. This mod features four arenas, each with their own unique season, as well as dozens of online assignments.

    Take charge and enjoy the exhilarating sensation of the hair on the back of your neck rising up as you move. Take advantage of everything the game has to offer. Take your vehicle out on the open road and complete career objectives by passing other vehicles. Gather blueprints, unlock new vehicles, and improve the ones you have.

    How To Play

    • W / up arrow key = accelerate
    • A / left arrow key = steer left
    • D / right arrow key = steer right
    • S / down arrow key = brake
    • L-Shift = Nitro
    • Left-click = interact with in-game UI
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