Real Drone Simulator
    Real Drone Simulator
    Real Drone Simulator
    Real Drone Simulator

    Real Drone Simulator

    Real Drone Simulator provides you with three different modes to choose from when controlling the drone.

    Instructions for Real Drone Simulator

    Real Drone Simulator gives you the option to play in one of three different game modes. You will need to accomplish a variety of activities in each mode if you want to become familiar with the possibilities of your drone. Personalize your drone by giving it new functions and enhancing its performance to make it uniquely yours. Your drone will operate in the same manner as it would in the actual world if you use realistic physics.

    Main Features

    • Controls for the navigation that are simple and straightforward to utilize
    • Control your own spacecraft as you travel to uncharted regions of space and discover new worlds.
    • Unlocking the Millennium Falcon is now a choice you can make.
    • Experience a wide range of drones.
    • Upgrade your ship's lasers as you make progress through the game.

    You can start playing Real Drone Simulator right away on your personal computer. There are a variety of adrenaline-pumping games available for the personal computer, like LA Taxi Simulator and Extreme Drift Car Simulator!

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