Rude Races
    Rude Races
    Rude Races
    Rude Races

    Rude Races

    In the exciting and challenging action game known as Rude Races, players must make strategic use of their available weaponry to eliminate their rivals and emerge victorious.

    Rude Races Instructions

    The video game known as Rude Races was created by Furkan Karpinar. You may swing the bat and make contact with other players by pressing the space bar. There may be occasions when you are presented with incentives that need rapid collection, such as more lives or improved speed. Before you begin the level, you will be presented with a number of tasks to complete, such as eliminating one of your opponents or reaching the finish line first.


    • If you want to maintain your health intact, you must avoid any impediments.
    • Some instances of may be found in the following:
    • Unlock a variety of new talents, as well as more vehicles.
    • A city map often consists of many layers, each with its own set of intricate details.
    • Every level has its own one-of-a-kind challenges.

    How To Play

    • A or left arrow key = move left
    • D or right arrow key = move right
    • Space = swing weapon
    • L-Shift = turn 360
    • Left-click on the power-up button = use the power-up
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