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    States io

    States io is an exciting io game where you need to lead the army to victory in the fight


    First, improve your units and manufacturing speed.

    You can improve three metrics, but you should prioritize improving your units and production speed. This will offer you an advantage in combat, which is the most crucial thing. You'll be in the best position to win every scrap if you save your gold on these two.

    Seize the opportunity.

    You should swoop in and attack when an enemy leaves one of their statuses vulnerable. You'll gain a state at a low cost by adding a large number of defenders, but they'll almost always have overreached, leaving them scrambling for an advantage they're unlikely to get.

    Take advantage of the situation.

    Don't let up until you've taken control of the map. Push your opponent from all sides, and they'll fail. When you have a large number of units on the board, you reach a tipping point when you are guaranteed to win, therefore always play aggressively when you are in the lead.

    Keep an eye on your opponents.

    If your opponents are squabbling over a state, wait until it's down to a couple of units before attacking. Alternatively, if they've committed forces, sneak up behind them and seize control of the two vacated states before they can react. Always take advantage of the other colors' flaws.

    Before they enter states, counter-terrorists are deployed.

    If two fighters meet in the middle of the map, they will fight and knock each other out. If a more powerful force threatens one of your states, dispatch units to destroy them before they reach it. You can deploy fighters from another state to help defend a state that is also in danger.


    It's not difficult to keep track of his game. This will be a simple task for you to do. As a result, you'll be able to watch the entire event with your friends and family while having a fantastic time.
    At that time, you can release your stress by playing this game.
    There is a range of challenging and fun levels to try.


    You need to click the territory which is targeted to conquer

    How To Play

    You need to use your mouse to control this game

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