Stunt Extreme
    Stunt Extreme
    Stunt Extreme
    Stunt Extreme

    Stunt Extreme

    Stunt Extreme is an awesome driving game in which you need to race the clock and showw off all of your stunts to other racers


    In this fantastic stunt game, you must race against the clock and your opponents. Use your dirt bike to do a variety of feats. It's all about showcasing your tricks and defeating everyone else to the top spot. Ride!
    If you are a big fan of drifting games as drift boss, you should not ignore this game - Stunt Extreme


    • Stunningly realistic visuals
    • Simple controls
    • Online leaderboard
    • Career and Survival modes
    • A large number of characters to pick from

    How To Play

    To get to the first slot, race your bike. To change lanes, swipe up and down. To balance your bike, swipe left and right. To ride the bike, simply tilt or tap your phone.

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