Trucks Race
    Trucks Race
    Trucks Race
    Trucks Race

    Trucks Race

    Trucks Race provides users with the opportunity to engage in truck racing activities while efficiently transporting freight at optimal speeds.

    Trucks Race isntructions

    Transport all the merchandise via truck to the designated recipient. To achieve victory in the Trucks Race, one must actively participate in a thrilling truck racing event. One has the ability to engage in the transportation of goods and concurrently partake in auctions for freight stocks in order to maximize profitability. The truck can serve as a versatile asset, fulfilling both commercial and competitive purposes, such as engaging in business operations and participating in racing events.

    Main Features

    • There is a wide selection of over 100 cities from which to choose in order to fulfill your task.
    • Enhance or enable the functionality of various vehicles.
    • The international expansion of your business
    • The toll roads, radio stations, and rest spots exhibit a high level of detail.
    • The weather conditions are exceptionally favorable, displaying a high degree of realism.

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