Turn Left
    Turn Left
    Turn Left
    Turn Left

    Turn Left

    Turn Left is a great 3D arcade game in which you have to drive your car to the end of each level while taking it easy.


    As a regular traffic simulation game, I would recommend it. Using 3D cartoon cars on the street can help cars turn left. But some vehicles will keep going straight. You have to look at the interspace and decide if it can pass over your car. It is highly recommended that you drive to the final location and wait there. You'll have an easier time finding interspaces and a great time.


    Amazing driving controls that let you do a lot of tricks and drift.
    Find out about many secrets
    Simple, easy-to-use controls
    The game works perfectly and there is no lag. Amazing HD graphics of a future car concept
    A real racing car that has been changed to be able to fly
    Large, open-world city setting with lots of things to do.
    Dynamic camera angles.

    How To Play

    You can play this game with your mouse.

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