Uphill Rush 9
    Uphill Rush 9
    Uphill Rush 9
    Uphill Rush 9

    Uphill Rush 9

    In the brand-new racing game Uphill Rush 9, you must complete all twenty stages by showcasing your prowess and earning all three stars.


    The exhilarating stunt driving game Uphill Rush 9 is back. You have the option of using a bicycle, a car, or even a horse as your mode of transportation. You can drive quickly and pull off your most daring stunts!


    Include 34 horses, various iconic Uphill Rush vehicle options, 20 stages set in the lovely world of rural villages and western cities, and more than 50 different outfits to unlock. Display your abilities to earn those three stars.

    How To Play

    W or up arrow key to accelerate
    A or left arrow key to rotate left
    D or right arrow key to rotate right
    S or down arrow key to slow down
    Space to boost speed

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