Vex 5
    Vex 5
    Vex 5
    Vex 5

    Vex 5

    Vex 5 is the name of the fifth stage game in the Vex setup. Each level is a labyrinth of perilous traps and obstacles. In order to overcome these obstacles and finish the race, you must. The hardships in this fifth chapter are anticipated to be the hardest ones yet.

    Normative Levels

    There are eleven rites that must be performed. As you may expect, it gets more challenging. The maze becomes more challenging, as do the traps.

    Situation Room

    The default game mode of Vex 5 comprises ten phases. But there is a brand-new game mode.

    A coordinated long-distance sprint through 30 degrees of hazardous challenges takes place in the exam room. Both a timer and a death toll are present. Restarting will produce a new request that will put your intrinsic skills to the test.


    You receive a virtual reward bureau from Vex 5 that has four achievement classes. If you successfully finish a presentation without quitting or collapsing too much, you can win wonderful prizes. Hardcore victories are taking place at that point. Among these accomplishments are the cloaked stars that are dispersed throughout each level.


    You need to learn how to deal with disappointment if you want to complete a level in Vex 5. Because whirling spikes and sharp edges frequently kill you. You gain knowledge on how to achieve at the level through this unpleasant experience. You then go to the following level and must redo everything.

    In Vex, every aspect of operation follows a model. It makes sense to stop and pay attention. Take as much time as need, then get beyond the challenging obstacles.

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    How To Play

    WASD or the arrow keys can be used to move.

    Press R to start a level over.

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