Xtreme Sky Car Parking
    Xtreme Sky Car Parking
    Xtreme Sky Car Parking
    Xtreme Sky Car Parking

    Xtreme Sky Car Parking

    Through the use of Xtreme Sky Car Parking, you will be able to maneuver your vehicle through a number of difficult situations.

    The instructions for Xtreme Sky Car Parking

    To be successful in Xtreme Sky Car Parking, all you need to do is drive quickly and cautiously on the sky ramps till you win. If you complete the level in a shorter amount of time, you win more stars. It is imperative that you accomplish the goal before the timer expires. The parking lot has ramps and entrances that are realistic. As a driver, you are expected to demonstrate responsibility.

    Main Features

    • Access and operate more than one hundred vehicles.
    • Five distinct game modes are available to choose from.
    • Fun games that are easy to understand and play
    • Driving simulator that incorporates a weather simulation in real-time

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    How To Play

    Spacebar is the brake, arrows are the direction, WASD is the speed, and C is the camera controller.

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