5 is an awesome racing game in which you need to unleash your inner player ans try to test both your strategic and hand-eye coordination.


    This game is for you if you enjoy basketball and wish to play it virtually daily. As you participate in tournaments in this game, you can let your competitive side out. Assess your hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking. Prepare yourself to slam the ball, dodge defenders, and steal the ball. You have the option of defending your team against your adversary. Cooperate with your rivals in your quest to become the champion. Play Basketball Io and become the Ace Player to have a blast. Play now!


    Simple Gameplay (Keyboard: Use WASD or ARROW KEYS; Mouse: Click & Drag) Amazing graphics and effects, upbeat music
    - 10 original balls
    - 12 fascinating characters to unlock
    - 4 courts for basketball
    - You can compare your ranking to that of the other players and attempt to outperform them.
    - Advance from the eighth final to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship round.
    - Simple gameplay.
    - Interesting and difficult stages and obstacles
    - Awesome visuals and effects
    - Interesting audio effects and music.

    How To Play

    Tap and drag to steer on mobile Desktop: Use the arrows to move left and right.

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