Car Stunts X
    Car Stunts X
    Car Stunts X
    Car Stunts X

    Car Stunts X

    Car Stunts X is an incredible racing game, and the primary objective of the game is to Drift beyond your limits and come out on top of the race.

    Car Stunts X instructions

    Every single car race is focused on winning, and in addition to that, it contains a variety of tricks, but the primary goal is to have fun. All that is required of you is to prevail over your competitors in an exciting race and to be the first one to reach the finish line. The game gives you access to a wide variety of vehicles, each of which comes with its own set of unique statistics. You may even personalize your car and give it a little bit of flair by doing so. Visual auto-tuning is another function included in Drifty Race, which gives you the ability to alter the way your car looks.

    Main Features

    • There are many more game types, in addition to the online room.
    • Compete against other players by joining a club or making it into the top 32.
    • Utilizes the Car Stunts X engine, which is also used in real-world drifting competitions
    • Acquire your automobiles and give them a unique touch.
    • Experience the thrill of real-life drifting mechanics.

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