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    Poly Track
    Poly Track
    Poly Track

    Poly Track

    The racing game Poly Track is a lot of fun. Your primary purpose is to put yourself through several tests by finishing the different courses. Each course has its own unique challenges and heart-pounding high points.

    The instructions for Poly Track

    In Poly Track, each millisecond is of the utmost importance. Your pursuit of the fastest possible time will be doggedly persistent. It is not necessary to do anything other than test your boundaries and become faster with each try. You may control the automobile by using the arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard. There are a number of different tunes to choose from. We advise beginning with the one that is the least tough and working your way up to the ones that are the most challenging.

    Main Features

    • Real racers should be challenged, teased, and beaten.
    • Grow your garage by amassing vehicles and improving their performance.
    • You have access to a variety of vehicles, including muscle cars and off-road SUVs.
    • Immerse yourself in a finely designed environment
    • Whether competing alone or with a team, you win every race you enter.

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