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    Color Fill
    Color Fill
    Color Fill

    Color Fill

    In the entertaining game Color Fill, the objective is to move the blocks in such a way as to fill the grid with various shades of grey and black.

    Instructions for Color Fill

    The company that makes Colour Fill is called Spicy Overlord. You will have a good time overcoming the difficulties that this game presents over its numerous levels. Playing this game is not difficult at all. You have to rearrange the squares so that they fill up the grid, and then you have to place them in a straight line on a coloured backdrop.


    • How to approach the solution of riddles in a new way
    • The hexagon that results from the combination of all triangles
    • Practise your geometry to improve your abilities.
    • Strive for the End of the Rainbow. Hexa
    • The game may be played either offline or via the internet.
    • It's possible to have a good time while also pushing yourself.

    Create a hexa problem is a fun way to put your geometric knowledge to the test. If you are interested in playing more puzzle games, you may want to check out Rude Races or Motorbike.

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