Raccoon Retail
    Raccoon Retail
    Raccoon Retail
    Raccoon Retail

    Raccoon Retail

    Raccoon Retail is an entertaining and perhaps addicting action game in which the player must gather rubbish and place it in a garbage can.

    Instructions for Raccoon Retail

    Raccoon Retail was produced by Pelican Party Studios. Imagine a whole supermarket inhabited only by raccoons, all of whom are in the habit of devouring food and leaving behind enormous messes on the floor. You don't think raccoons are cute, do you? They eat quite slowly while using their cute little hands to pick up bites of food. Because of the mess that is usually left behind when they visit your garden, you can always tell when they have been there. You will be able increase your earnings with a new job. Have the best of luck!


    • You may customise your own hero by picking a helmet from among a vast variety of options.
    • Within dungeons, you may unearth legendary and rare chests that hold one-of-a-kind headgear.
    • Challenge your pals to a match and see who will emerge victorious.
    • You will have no trouble playing the game and will love the dynamic action. Explore a massive cosmos.

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    How To Play

    • To navigate, you may use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
    • When the accelerator is not locked, you may speed up by pressing and holding the space bar.
    • To interact with buttons in the game, use the left mouse button to click on them.
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