Super Drive Ahead
    Super Drive Ahead
    Super Drive Ahead
    Super Drive Ahead

    Super Drive Ahead

    The incredible clicker game Super Drive Ahead is a fantastic way to put your abilities to the test. You will have to do battle with trash trucks, automobiles, tanks, and other types of vehicles, as well as trucks and cars.

    Instructions for Super Drive Ahead

    Super Drive Ahead is a competitive card game in which players must eliminate a number of other automobiles by driving their own vehicle into all of their opponents and collecting gold coins. To begin, you will need to get yourself in the mindset to execute some amazing flips in order to knock out your opponents and drain their power. Keep in mind that the games you win will provide you with money that may be used to purchase new vehicles or enhance existing ones. What exactly are you holding out for at this point? You'll need to prevail in your duels if you want to reach the pinnacle of your game.


    • The online room in addition to the many game types
    • Both club racing and the Top-32 are fantastic opportunities to compete with other people.
    • In addition to that, actual drifting contests make use of the CarX XDS Evaluation System.
    • Obtain a car, then modify it to your liking.
    • Experience the thrill of real-life drifting mechanics.

    Check out the popular racing game CarX, which now has a precursor called Helicopter AssassinCount Master 3D is another game that relies on drifting as its primary gameplay mechanic. Drift Boss includes not just these games but also a great deal more.

    How To Play

    • Use arrow keys to move
    • Use spacebar to power
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