Super Racing GT : Drag Pro
    Super Racing GT : Drag Pro
    Super Racing GT : Drag Pro
    Super Racing GT : Drag Pro

    Super Racing GT : Drag Pro

    Super Racing GT: Drag Pro is an exceptional racing game. The primary objective is to engage in a competitive race against an adversary who exhibits a propensity for employing aggressive tactics without hesitation, potentially resulting in the infliction of harm onto the participant.

    Instructions for Super Racing GT : Drag Pro

    In order to achieve victory in Super Racing GT: Drag Pro, the sole requirement is the possession of sufficient funds to facilitate the enhancement of one's drag racing vehicle or the acquisition of an entirely new automobile. It is vital to achieve an optimal equilibrium between acceleration and gear shifting. The game encompasses many game modes, such as classic racing, elimination mode, and time mode. Each game mode offers distinct difficulties designed to assess and enhance your driving abilities.

    Main Features

    • Experience the exhilaration of Formula 1 racing on your personal computer.
    • Participate in exhilarating automotive competitions.
    • Effectively managing a race team entails possessing the ability to inspire and motivate its members.
    • Enhance the performance and features of your car to optimize its capabilities.
    • In order to achieve success in racetrack management, it is imperative to have an effective managerial approach.
    • The negotiation of sponsorships and partnerships is a common practice.

    Super Racing GT : Drag Pro is a racing game that can be initiated on personal computers. If one desires to engage in other sports-oriented gaming experiences, it is recommended to consider exploring titles such as Speed Racer or Block Dancing 3D.

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