Supra Drift 2
    Supra Drift 2
    Supra Drift 2
    Supra Drift 2

    Supra Drift 2

    The action of Supra Drift 2 revolves around vehicle racing. The primary purpose of the game is for you to jump in your vehicle and race across several courses, such as a deserted town or a shipyard.

    Instructions for the game Supra Drift 2

    Your time behind the wheel in Supra Drift 2 is entirely up to you thanks to its many customization options. The only way to win the game is to climb into the driver's seat and compete on an unending track, during which you will go to locations that you have never been to before. You will also need to demonstrate that you are proficient at drifting. Don't forget: You may upgrade or purchase new cars with the money you earn from doing spectacular drifts. Your total score will be directly related to the amount of cash you bring in. This game is incredibly eye-catching because to its vibrant graphics, rapid action, and numerous explosions. In addition, there are several game types in Supra Drift 2.

    Main Features

    • You can choose from 120 different levels of climbing, both uphill and downhill, for your car.
    • Put your driving talents to the test across 48 exciting levels of high-speed chases.
    • Unlock more than 30 motor vehicles.
    • Your vehicle's top speed can be used to purchase upgrades to its features.
    • Defeat 40 foes and 10 bosses to win.
    • Enjoy some of the smaller games.

    The racing game Supra Drift 2 pushes players to their absolute physical and mental limits. On Drift Boss, you can choose from a wide variety of different racing games. Try out the Up Hill Racing 2 and Mini Rally Racing that are both available for play on your personal computer.

    How To Play

    • Press a W/Up arrow key to raise the speed
    • Press a S/Down arrow key to go backwards
    • Press an A/Left arrow key to turn left
    • Press a D/Right arrow key to turn right
    • Press a Spacebar to use the handbrake
    • Press a F key to activate the Nitro
    • Press a G key to slow motion
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