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    Turbo Racer
    Turbo Racer
    Turbo Racer

    Turbo Racer

    This is a racing game called Turbo Racer, and it has four different game modes that you may pick from.

    Instructions for the Turbo Racer

    In Turbo Moto Racer, you get to experience the thrill of racing motorcycles at breakneck speeds through stunning environments. You can win the game by navigating your motorcycle to the left or right in order to avoid hitting any of the obstacles along the path. Make use of the money you earn to improve the handling and acceleration of the motorcycles you have already acquired. Your riding style can be matched to the settings of your bike to make it more comfortable for you. After you have completed Level 24, you will be able to unlock the Two-way mode. In this game mode, you must race to the finish line on your motorcycle before the allotted time expires. If you do not arrive at the finish line within the allotted amount of time, you will be eliminated from the competition.

    Main Features

    • There are more than one hundred automobiles registered.
    • The competition with the infamous crews.
    • Take pleasure in the 3D effects.
    • Your automobile is amenable to personalization.

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    How To Play

    • AD or left/right key – Steer
    • UP Key – Accelerate
    • DOWN Key – Decelerate
    • W – Wheelie
    • R – Horn
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