Up Hill Racing
    Up Hill Racing
    Up Hill Racing
    Up Hill Racing

    Up Hill Racing

    You may race uphill using a number of vehicles in Up Hill Racing, such as a motorbike, monster truck, or even a refrigerator. The game also enables you to drive downhill using a range of vehicles.

    Instructions for Up Hill Racing

    The original name of this game is Hill Climb Racing, and it's still a lot of fun! Softgames is the company that developed this game.

    Try your hand at climbing the hill in a variety of vehicles, such as a motorbike, monster truck or even a refrigerator! All of the vehicles have their own individual characteristics, and each one has room for development in terms of both performance and control. You are free to make as many trips up and down the slope as you wish. You may gather cash on your adventure or execute some flips to obtain additional air time.

    Features of Up Hill Racing

    • A racing game that is both difficult and engaging.
    • driveable hypercars, chained vehicles, and other supercars to choose from
    • Car mechanics that are true to life
    • Complete a number of different racing levels.
    • Encounter several outstanding 3D settings

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    How To Play

    • Right arrow key / left-click on the gas button = accelerate
    • Left arrow key / left-click on the brake button = brake
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