Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Spy Car

    Spy Car

    The Spy Car possesses numerous intriguing features. The primary goal is to employ firearms in order to neutralize any adversaries encountered.

    Instructions for Spy Car

    Spy Car is an exhilarating action game characterized by high speed and intense devastation, providing an enjoyable gaming experience. Engage in a high-speed pursuit within the urban environment utilizing a covert operative automobile with the objective of neutralizing all competing vehicles. The vehicle possesses the necessary features to effectively defend against the adversary's assault. The game consists of four distinct objectives, each of which is further divided into three levels. In order to successfully accomplish a specific level, it is important to endure until its conclusion. It is vital to ensure the collection of funds for the purpose of acquiring enhancements.

    Main Features

    • The levels do not follow a linear progression.
    • Players have the potential to accumulate a maximum of three stars per race, so increasing their chances of obtaining additional rewards.
    • The implementation of user-friendly virtual navigation buttons for the purpose of controlling one's vehicle.
    • Incentivize the completion of challenges by offering rewards, so enabling the unlocking or upgrading of your vehicle.
    • Comprehensive data regarding each car is readily accessible to facilitate the process of making a well-informed decision.

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    How To Play

    • Arrows / WASD = Drive,
    • Space = Jump,
    • Z = Rocket,
    • X = Turbo,
    • ESC = Pause
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